Business & Talent Advisory


Business Management & Advisory

This monthly package includes the following activities to help refine your business strategy and position yourself for future growth:

  • Strategic planning and ideation* — Review your existing strategies and get fresh ideas on how to improve your current offering.

  • Project Management and execution* — Plan and deliver on the multiple projects within your business, for example events or new product launches.

  • Talent management* — Develop partnerships and source collaboration opportunities for either influencers or brands who want to work with influencers to promote their business.

  • On-demand business support — Continuous strategic advice and an objective sounding board for daily decision-making.

  • Relationship development — Manage existing relationships associated with your business and establish new ones on your behalf.

*Services are also available on a one-off project basis.

The Digital Media Add-on**

Expand your digital efforts with the following additional services:

**Each of these services are available as single projects or collectively on a monthly rolling basis.

See our other services: Social Media; and Special Projects.