What do you want to be known for?

Understanding ‘where’ you want to go will get you there quicker.

Before launching that first blog, Instagram post or tweet, successful teams are able to answer these questions:

  • What is our objective, and which digital channels will support this?

  • Who are our target audience, and what is our brand voice?

  • Where do we sit within the competitive landscape?

Our Planning & Strategy services are the perfect place to refine your overall strategy, gearing your business for success.

Core Services


Digital channel prioritisation and content strategy, based on clear objectives.


This essential step helps bring your team and vendors into alignment, saves time and money used across platforms and provides a clear framework on which to measure ROI (return on investment).

BRANDing + tone of voice

Tone of voice, brand tagline, colour schemes and graphic templates.


In a world of short attention spans, first impressions count more than ever. If the visuals or tone of voice do not accurately reflect your brand and resonate with customers immediately, there are very few second chances.

competitor research

Mapping potential competitors (and collaborators) in your field to provide reference points for future marketing activity.

why it matters

Knowledge of the market and other players in your industry helps refine marketing strategies and provide a clarity around your business’ USP or areas for improvement.